Vibrations on your site can be hazardous for your employees and can also create potential problems for neighboring businesses. Call the expert AMCO team today for vibration monitoring and analysis services to improve your site operations.

The vibrations your product may experience can reduce performance, shorten product life, or even cause a catastrophic failure. Plant and equipment vibrations can be hazardous for employees and damaging to your facilities and business collateral. If you are operating on a construction site, vibrations can be extremely dangerous for you as well as nearby businesses and sites. Through our vibrations monitoring services, we can identify the source of any concerns and help you with innovative suggestions to improve the situation.

We conduct continuous monitoring of vibration emissions from construction sites, petrochemicals, power sector, refineries, processing, fertilizers, industrial, rail and transport activities. Through our vibration measurements we can ensure that you are meeting your industry safety guidelines and regulations. We can offer you expert advice on steps to take to improve your operations and avoid failure issues.

Our detailed documentation provides innovative suggestions on ways to reduce vibrations in a plan designed specifically to your needs. Call our expert vibration monitoring services team today for more details.


Condition monitoring & Predictive Maintenance Misalignment, unbalanced bearings, vibration etc. are the hidden root cause of the machine failure. Condition monitoring enable us to check operating condition of machine periodically to prevent these factors causing failure of the machine.

AMCO is providing solution of Integrated Reliability Maintenance services working towards improving plant availability, zero breakdowns and reducing maintenance costs. AMCO is playing a key role in many process industries by successfully conducting condition monitoring programs and directly contributing to the bottom-line of leading corporate houses.

We partnered with Industry experts in the field of Asset Management and Maintenance consulting, Finite Analysis, Structural Analysis and CFD analysis to solve the specific Industry problems. We have several successful case studies. Where we could help customers to correct the OEM designs, equipment imperfections, and erection and commissioning imperfections. We provide consulting services in the area of Asset management consulting and take up short term & long term projects to increase the overall equipment or plant availability, Performance and Reliability.

AMCO provide in plant training for client service and maintenance engineers on condition monitoring, Asset Management and Maintenance Management and also hold seminars for batch training.

We are committed to the application of technology to improve Asset performance and promoted “zero breaks down concept” through our onsite services; this helped us to gain contracts in top accounts in Middle East especially in KSA. We bring Accountability & Measurement to Key Performance Indicators.


  • It verifies real time machine operation within acceptable limits.
  • It identify the cause of problem allowing time for corrective action before failure.
  • High reliability & unscheduled maintenance costs is reduced.
  • No surprise breakdowns. Minimize maintenance resource.
  • Increased “uptime”
  • Reduced need for “backup” equipment.
  • Enjoy the “ROI” benefits (return on investment)