AMCO provides independent specialist thermography services to thousands of businesses across MENA region. Our proven inspection and assessment processes prevent breakdowns, downtime, potential loss of earnings and property loss, and in many cases identify problems not found using traditional inspection techniques. Regular thermography inspections of your electrical assets allow us to identify electrical faults before their failure becomes a costly concern for your business.

Our thermographers are highly trained electricians with Level 1 or 2 thermography qualification and are based in Khobar Saudi Arabia.

The preventative maintenance services we can offer include: electrical and mechanical condition monitoring, power factor correction unit testing and thermal imaging.

In Infrared Thermography, we use temperature as a parameter to monitor the condition of any machine in operating condition. AMCO along with its partner has certified Analysts from ITC (Infrared Training Center), Sweden in his services squad to provide the services of Infrared Thermography to the relevant industry. To take a thermal image there is no need to stop your machine. You don’t need to get in contact with your machine. You only need to get closer as much as you can;

  • Thermal Analysis of motors
  • Thermal Analysis of Electrical system
  • Thermal Analysis of bearings
  • Tanks level sediment deposits
  • Deposits in pipes
  • Blockage of cooling channels
  • Safety Valves
  • Roof moisture / Building inspections
  • Testing Turbine Blades for
  • Boilers
  • Heat Exchangers