AMCO is pleased to announce its on-site life assessment capabilities including replication, hardness testing, and field metallography. These services are complimentary to our plant integrity and life assessment services as well as other capabilities and utilizes the extensive knowledge and experience of AMCO’s in-house and international technical experts. Field metallography provide the early warnings of onset of many damages to the process and engineering industries.

USE of in-situ Metallography

  • Failure Investigation.
  • Remaining Life Assessment.
  • Health Assessment of critical components.
  • Damage Assessment of fire affected equipment.
  • Quality checks for heat treatments.
  • Useful for repair welding decision.

Damages Identified by In-Situ Replica

  • Graphitization.
  • Creep.
  • Thermal Fatigue.
  • Oxidation.
  • Hydrogen Crack
  • Stress Corrosion Cracking
  • Sigma Phase
  • Degradation of Materials.
  • Corrosion
  • Carburization

On-site Image Analyzer for In-Situ Application:

One can grab and analyze the image in-situ with the help of powerful image analyzer. This can save the time and efforts of replica preparation, help analyzing the images on the spot, generating the vast data base, transmitting the image from the site by email etc. This software is loaded in Laptop system and AMCO can it on-site to analyze the micro structure.