AMCO’s engineers, consultants and technical experts collaborate to offer microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC) testing/analysis of oil & gas, processing, petrochemicals, power, residential, commercial and fire protection water systems.   By offering testing and analysis experts under one roof, AMCO’s services are low cost with quick turnaround times. Our areas of expertise include:

MIC Testing and Analysis

– Complete micro biologically influenced corrosion  (MIC) assessment
– Water chemistry analysis to determine “aggressiveness” for a system’s materials
– MIC bacteria characterization and semi-quantitative analysis
– Deposit / slime characterization

Metallurgical Evaluations of Pipes

– Identify all forms of corrosion and/or mechanical degradation
– Analysis of pinhole leak sites and tubercles
– Field examinations
– Destructive and non-destructive testing

Comprehensive Metallurgical Laboratory Analysis

– Quality of materials
– Quality of construction
– Remaining pipe wall thickness evaluation
– Piping system design and manufacturing quality assessment

Samples are collected in one of two manners.  AMCO can collect the samples, on-site.  Alternately, AMCO can send sample collection kits, including sterile bottles, for the customer to collect and overnight to AMCO.

Our analysis report is very short depends on the no of tests required. At the completion of the analysis, a peer reviewed analytical report is produced, including recommendations for corrective action, as appropriate.