In plants, the boiler has typically been the most trouble prone piece of equipment, being the most likely to be the origin of a problem that leads to a forced outage. Because of this, there are well defined techniques to assess the condition and manage the lifecycle of boiler equipment for optimum reliability and operate efficiently.

AMCO provides the highest quality, unbiased boiler inspection, and condition assessment services unlike any other inspection services company by providing thorough inspections, detailed reports, prioritized repair recommendations, and comprehensive documentation. AMCO will commit to decreasing your overall outage costs, improve plant efficiency in overall boiler maintenance, increase unit availability and increase “run time” between outages.

AMCO can provide a full Boiler Life Assessment service which can include the following –

  • On-site inspection using advanced NDE.
  • Metallographic evaluation.
  • Review of design drawings.
  • Development of inspection procedures.
  • Component replacements where appropriate.